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The Real World of Teaching in Hadrian’s Virtual Villa
Classical Journal (2017)
  • Lynne A Kvapil, Butler University
A virtual 3D simulation of Hadrian's Imperial Villa at Tivoli, created as part of the Hadrian's Villa Project, was the centerpiece of a course module that combined Problem-based Learning with virtual world technology. The module asked students to use different learning environments, like the virtual villa, to solve ancient world problems focused on the life of the emperor Hadrian. The benefits and challenges of combining PBL with virtual world technology in the classroom are discussed here. Sample lesson plans from the course are also included.
  • Roman Art,
  • Roman Archaeology,
  • Roman Architecture,
  • Pedagogy,
  • Problem-based Learning,
  • Ancient History
Publication Date
Fall October, 2017
Citation Information
Lynne A Kvapil. "The Real World of Teaching in Hadrian’s Virtual Villa" Classical Journal Vol. 113 Iss. 1 (2017) p. 97 - 117
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