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Adjusting the Lens: Creating an Aesthetic Awareness of Local Environment
International Journal of the Arts in Society (2011)
  • Lynn Sondag, Department of Art, Art History and Design, Dominican University of California
Aesthetic experiences of an “everyday” environment passed through the lens of an artist and represented visually can lead towards a deeper inquiry and awareness of one’s surroundings. Both internal and external resources are influential to this consciousness. Internally, an artist will find a way to include their perception of the world in their work, while external information- such as science based research or cultural/local beliefs also direct the imagination and heighten our aesthetic appreciation of environment or landscape. Looking at the bigger picture, what does this say about the contributions artists make in the context of environmental issues? Can bringing people closer to an aesthetic appreciation of the environment arouse care and concern over ongoing ecological challenges? This paper will address how experiences painting landscapes and teaching landscape painting to college students in a Service-Learning Beginning Watercolor Class engage with these issues.
  • Aesthetic Appreciation,
  • Art Education,
  • Landscape Painting,
  • Service-learning in Higher Education
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Lynn Sondag. "Adjusting the Lens: Creating an Aesthetic Awareness of Local Environment" International Journal of the Arts in Society Vol. 5 Iss. 6 (2011) p. 79 - 88 ISSN: 1833-1866
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