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Speak Up: It's Leap Year!
University Archives WKU History (2007)
  • Lynn E. Niedermeier, Western Kentucky University
The legend that on leap year day (February 29) a man was obligated to accept a woman's proposal of marriage dates back many generations. At WKU, the tradition translated into Leap Year Dances and teas, to which women students invited the young men of their choice. The introduction of Sadie Hawkins Day, inspired by the comic strip "L'il Abner," gave a new and lively twist to this female prerogative.
  • leap year,
  • Sadie Hawkins Day
Publication Date
August 16, 2007
Publisher Statement
Adapted with permission from echo, a WKU online magazine, February 2004.
Citation Information
Lynn E. Niedermeier. "Speak Up: It's Leap Year!" University Archives WKU History (2007)
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