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Standing Up for Her Sex
Kentucky Humanities (2008)
  • Lynn E. Niedermeier, Western Kentucky University
Lida Calvert Obenchain (1856-1935) was a Bowling Green, Kentucky native who wrote poetry, popular fiction and short stories under the pen name “Eliza Calvert Hall.” Her most famous short story, “Sally Ann’s Experience” (1898), was a local color tale and feminist manifesto related by an elderly raconteur named “Aunt Jane.” Embracing the cause of woman suffrage in the 1880s, Lida also worked as press superintendent for the Kentucky Equal Rights Association and wrote articles about the vote, marriage, and women’s rights that appeared in such national publications as the Woman's Journal and the Woman's Tribune. This article appeared in Kentucky Humanities, April, 2008, pp. 7-13. A reprint of “Sally Ann’s Experience” follows at pp. 14-19.
  • Eliza Calvert Hall,
  • Lida Calvert Obenchain,
  • woman suffrage,
  • Aunt Jane of Kentucky,
  • Sally Ann's Experience,
  • local color fiction,
  • Kentucky Equal Rights Association
Publication Date
April, 2008
Citation Information
Lynn E. Niedermeier. "Standing Up for Her Sex" Kentucky Humanities (2008)
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