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The Adventures of Ivan and John
WKU Spirit (2011)
  • Lynn E. Niedermeier, Western Kentucky University
The friendship of WKU art professor Ivan Wilson and English professor John H. Clagett was grounded in their shared love of nature and the outdoors. When Wilson was hospitalized in 1927, he entertained himself and Clagett with playful cartoons depicting their activities. This article appeared as a "Moment in History" feature in WKU Spirit, Summer 2011, pp. 62-63.
  • Ivan Wilson,
  • John H. Clagett,
  • John Henry Clagett,
  • Whitey Sanders,
  • Bill Whitey Sanders
Publication Date
Summer 2011
Citation Information
Lynn E. Niedermeier. "The Adventures of Ivan and John" WKU Spirit (2011)
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