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Vicarious Trauma the Unseen Burden.pptx
Association of College Housing Professionals Internationals (ACUHO-I) (2017)
  • Lynell Hodge, University of Central Florida
What is vicarious trauma?  Vicarious trauma is a response to the continued exposure to secondary traumatic content (Figely, 2002). The difference between burnout or compassion fatigue is they can be addressed with time off or rest; however, vicarious trauma needs to be handled through coping skills and stress management.  If not addressed, vicarious trauma can have adverse impacts to a person’s cognition, self-perception, and empathetic engagement (McCann & Pearlman, 1990). Additionally, vicarious negatively impacts job satisfaction. The results of the study found for every increase in vicarious trauma, there was a decrease in job satisfaction. Vicarious trauma thus provides a broader explanation of why burnout and compassion fatigue occurs, but also highlights the pervasiveness to the impact a person’s personal and work life if not addressed.
  • Vicarious trauma,
  • job satisfaction,
  • coping,
  • compassion fatigue,
  • stress management
Publication Date
Spring 2017
Providence-Rhode Island
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Lynell Hodge. "Vicarious Trauma the Unseen Burden.pptx" Association of College Housing Professionals Internationals (ACUHO-I) (2017)
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