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Healthy Sports
Leisure, Health and Wellness: Making the Connections (2010)
  • L. B. Ransdell, Boise State University
  • D. Schmalz

As our understanding of the bases of good health changes, it is apparent that leisure and its use are an important issue in both achieving and maintaining good health. This book reflects the story of how parks, recreation and leisure studies contribute to health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and societies. This is also the story of how public health contributes to parks, recreation, and leisure studies; the intersections and connections between and among these fields, concepts, and professional practices.

This book provides a collection of ideas brought together by scholars and practitioners willing to venture outside of the safe confines of their own disciplines to write transdisciplinary chapters with colleague from numerous fields related to health or leisure. These authors have played a significant role in building bridges and advancing the knowledge base related to leisure, health, and wellness, and their interconnections.

Publication Date
Laura Payne, Barbara Ainsworth, and Geoffrey Godbey
Venture Publishing, Inc.
Citation Information
L. B. Ransdell and D. Schmalz. "Healthy Sports" State College, PALeisure, Health and Wellness: Making the Connections (2010)
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