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The Case Beyond Time
Business Lawyer
  • Lyman P.Q. Johnson, Washington and Lee University School of Law
  • David K. Millon, Washington and Lee University School of Law
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The Delaware Supreme Court's opinion in Paramount Communications, Inc. v. Time, Inc.' treats several important questions that arise in connection with hostile corporate takeovers. At the same time, it leaves three critical issues unanswered. In this article, we first briefly describe what the Time decision did, comparing Chancellor William Allen's somewhat discursive Chancery Court opinion with the more peremptory ruling of the Supreme Court. Next, we identify three unarticulated but potentially far-reaching implications of both the Supreme Court's and Chancellor Allen's reasoning that threaten to destabilize seemingly settled doctrine governing the conduct of target company management.


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Lyman P.Q. Johnson & David K. Millon, The Case Beyond Time, 45 Bus. Law. 2105 (1990).