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Policy Report: Wisconsin School of Business Housing Affordability Project
Center for Financial Security, UW-Madison (2017)
  • Jaime Luque
This policy report provides insights into community concerns, the experiences of homelessness services providers, and the recommendations of real estate and housing professionals in Madison, Wisconsin. The report concludes that there is not enough housing available in the Madison market to provide affordable units to all of the community members who are currently or recently have been homeless. The report also identifies homeless individuals with mental illnesses as the most vulnerable population. Important recommendation for affordable housing developments include: (i) providing incentives for developers to build in areas with access to resources, including those that deal with social factors such as domestic violence; and (ii) building strong relationships and communication between a neighborhood development committee and the developer.
  • affordable housing development
Publication Date
May, 2017
Citation Information
Jaime Luque. "Policy Report: Wisconsin School of Business Housing Affordability Project" Center for Financial Security, UW-Madison (2017)
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