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Application of Problem Based Learning and Mastery Learning to Multimedia Education
Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development
  • Gabriel J Grant, Eastern Illinois University
  • Dominick E Fazarro, The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Luke Steinke, Eastern Illinois University

The current state of education and the workforce demands a special kind of learner capable of creativity, communicating effectively, analytical skill application, critical thinking, and problem solving. Whereas these skills are important, it is also a necessity for learners to be masters of the knowledge and skills that they have acquired. Traditional educational methods have proven to be somewhat ineffective in producing these results. Problem based learning has proven worthy in handling some of the load, however, mastery learning has been abandoned long ago for reasons in spite of its effectiveness. Through given examples and careful design, the educator will witness practical application of these models in tandem to create efficient, effective, and appealing instruction that suits the needs of education and the modern workforce.

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Gabriel J Grant, Dominick E Fazarro and Luke Steinke. "Application of Problem Based Learning and Mastery Learning to Multimedia Education" (2014)
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