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Maturity Assessment Framework for Business Dimension of Software Product Family
International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems
  • Faheem Ahmed, Thompson River University
  • Luiz Fernando Capretz, University of Western Ontario
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The software product family approach aims at curtailing the concept of “reinventing the wheel” in the software development process. The business has been highlighted as one of the critical dimensions in the process of software product family. This work presents an assessment framework for evaluating the business dimension of software product family process. Additionally, a software product family business evaluation tool has been designed and implemented on the basis of the presented framework. The tool preprocesses the data of key business factors, and it evaluates the overall business maturity of an organization. To demonstrate the application of the framework, and to determine the current software product family business performance, we conducted a case study of an organization actively involved in the business of software product family. The framework and the tool provide direct mechanisms to evaluate the current maturity level of software product family business of an organization. This research is a contribution towards establishing a comprehensive and unified strategy for a process evaluation of the software product family.

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