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Managing the Business of Software Product Line: An Empirical Investigation of Key Business Factors
Information and Software Technology
  • Faheem Ahmed, Thompson River University
  • Luiz Fernando Capretz, University of Western Ontario
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Business has been highlighted as a one of the critical dimensions of software product line engineering. This paper’s main contribution is to increase the understanding of the influence of key business factors by showing empirically that they play an imperative role in managing a successful software product line. A quantitative survey of software organizations currently involved in the business of developing software product lines over a wide range of operations, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, avionics, and information technology, was designed to test the conceptual model and hypotheses of the study. This is the first study to demonstrate the relationships between the key business factors and software product lines. The results provide evidence that organizations in the business of software product line development have to cope with multiple key business factors to improve the overall performance of the business, in addition to their efforts in software development. The conclusions of this investigation reinforce current perceptions of the significance of key business factors in successful software product line business.

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