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Projective normality of special scrolls
Communications in Algebra (2008)
  • Luis Fuentes García
  • Manuel Pedreira

We study the projective normality of a linearly normal special scroll R of degree d and speciality i over a smooth curve X of genus g. We relate it with the Clifford index of the base curve X. If d ≥ 4g − 2i − Cliff(X) + 1, i ≥ 3 and R is smooth, we prove that the projective normality of the scroll is equivalent to the projective normality of its directrix curve of minimum degree.

  • Special scrolls; projective normality
Publication Date
March, 2008
Citation Information
Luis Fuentes García and Manuel Pedreira. "Projective normality of special scrolls" Communications in Algebra Vol. 36 (2008)
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