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Future of the Library? Turning Conflicting Pressures into Compelling Opportunities
Society of College and University Planners (2011)
  • Ludmilla D. Pavlova-Gillham, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Jay Schafer, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Shirley Dugdale

Many institutions are scrutinizing library space as a potential space bank in times of tight capital resources, while librarians are seeking ways to shift lesser-used collections into storage, create more user space, and improve services. Accomplishing these tasks at University of Massachusetts Amherst's Du Bois Library, a 26-story tower, posed a particular challenge. The library's master plan needed to explore compatible uses, partners for integrated services, and identify opportunities to repurpose space for university needs as well as the library's future vision. Learning Outcomes: 1.Recognize functions compatible with future libraries and their mission. 2.Identify forces prompting change in research libraries and resulting space implications for new facilities. 3.Compare short- and long-term stewardship demands on campus planning. 4.Explore attitude disparity concerning change in libraries, from staff to faculty and users. SCUP-46 Conference Proceedings

  • Public Research Intensive,
  • Facility Design Library,
  • Renovation
Publication Date
July, 2011
Citation Information
Ludmilla D. Pavlova-Gillham, Jay Schafer and Shirley Dugdale. "Future of the Library? Turning Conflicting Pressures into Compelling Opportunities" Society of College and University Planners (2011)
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