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Family medicine and family therapy: comparative development, methods, and roles
Family Medicine and Community Health Publications and Presentations
  • Lucy M. Candib, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Michael Glenn
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Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
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Behavior Therapy; Family Practice; Family Therapy; Humans
Family medicine and family therapy have evolved separately, but the fields are now increasingly in contact with each other. Today's family physician needs a deeper grasp of their similarities and differences. This paper compares the two disciplines in terms of their (1) membership criteria for treatment, (2) considered appropriateness for treatment, (3) contractual process, and (4) evolution of membership over time. Also explored are the disciplines' notions of illness and change; their differing attitudes toward technique are analyzed as well. Family therapists and family physicians appear likely to have increased exposure to one another. As they do, common approaches may develop, and conceptual differences may present a mutual stimulus for growth and change.
J Fam Pract. 1983 Apr;16(4):773-9.
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Reprinted in David H. Olson and Brent C. Miller (editors), Family Studies Review Yearbook, Volume 2, Beverly Hills, CA: Sage Publications, 1984. Google Book Search description

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Lucy M. Candib and Michael Glenn. "Family medicine and family therapy: comparative development, methods, and roles" Vol. 16 Iss. 4 (1983) ISSN: 0094-3509 (Print)
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