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About Lucy M. Candib

Dr. Candib is a family physician educator who has taught and practiced family medicine, including obstetrics, at the Family Health Center of Worcester since 1976. This health center is a residency training site within the UMass Family Practice Residency Program. In the course of treating patients with chronic illness, Dr. Candib was one of the first practitioners in Worcester to introduce group medical visits in chronic care management and has conducted group visits for English- and Spanish-speaking patients with diabetes since 2001. She has written and lectured on the subtleties of cross-cultural health care across the lifespan and, as part of this area of interest, received a Fulbright grant to teach family medicine in Ecuador in 1995. She has developed innovative exercise programs for health center patients at the YWCA and YMCA of Worcester, and continues working in community activities around the issues of obesity and exercise for low income and Latino families. She has also focused attention on the concerns of women trainees and practitioners in her work with family practice residents. She has written and lectured widely on the topics of sexual abuse and violence against women. The author of numerous articles in refereed journals, Dr. Candib introduced a feminist critique of medical theory in her book, Medicine and the Family: A Feminist Perspective (Basic Books, 1995). Within her long term interest in women's health, Dr. Candib has recently co-authored, with Dr. Sara Shields, a new text on Woman-Centered Care of Pregnancy and Birth (Radcliffe Medical Press, 2010). She works 3 days a week at the health center and spends 2 days on other academic pursuits. She lives with her life partner, Richard Schmitt, with whom she has raised her now adult children Addie and Eli.

"I have been teaching family practice residents for 33 years. Many are now teachers, program directors, and faculty themselves. Many practice in underserved settings as they learned to do in training. I feel part of a long stream of committed family physicians."

Areas of interest: Women's health including maternity care, violence against women, the doctor-patient relationship, a feminist view of medicine, women physicians, health and illness across cultures, medical interviewing, continuity of care.


Present Faculty Physician, Family Health Center of Worcester, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Present Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

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Honors and Awards

  • 5-Star Doctor Award, North American Region of the World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physician (WONCA) (2012)
  • University of Massachusetts President's Public Service Award (2010)
  • F. Marian Bishop Leadership Award, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (2010)
  • Helping Hands Award, Family Health Center of Worcester (2008)
  • NSF-Advance Distinguished Lectureship, Case Western Reserve University (2008)
  • A. Jane Fitzpatrick Community Physician of the Year, from the Worcester District Medical Society (2006)
  • Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Worcester State College (2006)
  • Community Health Center Physician of the Year, Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers (2006)
  • One of 300 American women physicians featured in the National Library of Medicine’s “Changing the Face of Medicine” project (2005)

Contact Information

Family Health Center of Worcester
26 Queen Street
Worcester, MA 01610

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