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Probability Judgment Error and Speculation in Laboratory Asset Market Bubbles
Faculty Publications
  • Lucy F. Ackert, Kennesaw State University and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Narat Charupat
  • Richard Deaves, McMaster University
  • Brian D. Kluger, University of Cincinnati - Main Campus
Document Type
Publication Date
In 12 sessions conducted in a typical bubble-generating experimental environment, we design a pair of assets that can detect both irrationality and speculative behavior. The specific form of irrationality we investigate is the probability judgment error associated with low-probability, high-payoff outcomes. Independently, we test for speculation by comparing prices of identically paying assets in multiperiod versus single-period markets. We establish that aggregate irrationality measured in one dimension (probability judgment error) is associated with aggregate irrationality measured in another (bubble formation).
Citation Information
Ackert, Lucy F., Narat Charupat, Richard Deaves, and Brian D. Kluger (2009). "Probability Judgment Error and Speculation in Laboratory Asset Market Bubbles." Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 44, pp 719-744.