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About Luchara Wallace

Dr. Luchara Wallace is an Assistant Professor in the Special Education program at Western Michigan University. As a member of the faculty, Dr. Wallace has multiple opportunities to work with both undergraduate and graduate students preparing to become special educators. Currently, Dr. Wallace teaches the Learning Disabilities certification block as well as some of the Introduction to Special Education courses for non-majors. Her primary areas of research interest include determining effective ways of providing informational and emotional support to families of individuals with disabilities as well as utilizing advanced technologies to develop effective teacher training programs.
In addition to her role at the University, Dr. Wallace is an active member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Kalamazoo, MI where she also works to support the inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the faith community, prepare teachers and members to effectively receive members with disabilities, and promote the greater growth of the body of Christ through embracing the diversity within each of us. Dr. Wallace has just begun her first term as a member of the Arc Community Advocates Board of Directors and looks forward to continuing to be active in the community to support the meaningful inclusion of individuals with disabilities at all levels.


Present Assistant Professor of Special Education, Western Michigan University

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1903 West Michigan Ave
Sagren 4809, MS 5258
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