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Ruelle-Lanford functions for quantum spin systems
Mathematics and Statistics Department Faculty Publication Series
  • Y Ogata
  • L Rey-Bellet, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
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We prove a large deviation principle for the expectation of macroscopicobservables in quantum (and classical) Gibbs states. Our proof is basedon Ruelle-Lanford functions [20, 34] and direct subadditivity arguments,as in the classical case [23, 32], instead of relying on G¨artner-Ellis theorem,and cluster expansion or transfer operators as done in the quantum casein [21, 13, 27, 22, 16, 28]. In this approach we recover, expand, and unifyquantum (and classical) large deviation results for lattice Gibbs states. Inthe companion paper [29] we discuss the characterization of rate functionsin terms of relative entropies.

This is the pre-published version harvested from ArXiv.

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Y Ogata and L Rey-Bellet. "Ruelle-Lanford functions for quantum spin systems" (2010)
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