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An Examination of the Suitability of a UK PFI Model within the Czech Republic, The Republic of Ireland, Palestine (Gaza-West Bank), Portugal and Turkey.
  • David Eaton, BuHu (Built & Human Environment) Research Institute, University of Salford
  • Rifat Akbiyikli, BuHu (Built & Human Environment) Research Institute, University of Salford
  • Teresa de Lemos, IST Lisbon
  • Louis Gunnigan, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • Rana Ozen Kutanis, Sakarya University
  • Martin Casensky, CVUT Prague
  • Josef Ladra, CVUT Prague
  • Nabil El Sawalhi, UNRWA-Gaza Strip
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Construction Innovation, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 122-142, 2007 Copyright © Emerald Group Publishing Limited ISSN: 1471-4175
Purpose – The objective of this research is to identify the cross-cultural similarities and differences of the implementation of the UK PFI procurement process in different contexts. Design/methodology/approach – The research methodology adopted was the SLEEPT approach. The identified features are examined from source material of various projects within the stated nations. A Delphic approach of confirmation by national collaborators from each country is utilised. Confirming and disaffirming features are examined utilising exogenous cultural drivers. Findings – The conclusion of this research identifies cross-cultural features of six different cultures presented as a “cultural compass” which will inform the development of future private finance initiative (PFI)/public private partnership (PPP) projects. The impact of this research will have implications for the appreciation of cultural similarities and differences of national “construction cultures” for effective project delivery of future PFI/PPP projects. Originality/value – This paper offers an approach that can be generalised for adoption by nations considering the introduction of PFI as a procurement process.
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David Eaton, Rifat Akbiyikli, Teresa de Lemos, Louis Gunnigan, Rana Ozen Kutanis, Martin Casensky, Josef Ladra, Nabil El Sawalhi, (2007) "An examination of the suitability of a UK PFI model within the Czech Republic, the Republic of Ireland, Palestine (Gaza-West Bank), Portugal and Turkey", Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management, Vol. 7 Issue: 1, pp.122 - 142