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Mental Health Parity Laws
  • Louis F Graham, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • Kisha Braithwaite, Morehouse School of Medicine
Mental illnesses and disorders affect many people around the world annually, but unfortunately infrastructures and systems are not in place to adequately address these issues as much as they are for somatic diseases and ailments. Mental Health Parity Law seeks to equalize and improve available and accessible mental health treatment with medical care by mandating insurance and payment provisions. Mental Health Parity Law exists at federal and most state levels, however, federal and many state laws are not as inclusive and comprehensive as is necessary to fully reap the benefits of increased quality and affordable mental healthcare.
  • Health Policy,
  • Healthcare Administration,
  • Mental Illness
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Louis F Graham and Kisha Braithwaite. "Mental Health Parity Laws" (2007)
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