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  • Lorry Beth Wilson, Murray State University
 Earning college credit while in high school has become a rising trend and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.  State policies are redefining outdated rules and process in order to provide access, affordability, and awareness to all students throughout the United States.  West Kentucky Community and Technical College enrolls students in dual credit courses which assists with increasing college credential completion and reduction of total cost of college.  As students accumulate college credit, they must be advised and guided by academic plans from intended college choice.  As resources are poured into dual credit programs, postsecondary institutions need the students to matriculate in order to achieve all-around benefits. However, it is most important for students to earn a postsecondary credential or a skilled trade to become productive citizens in society.  The data set included 5,472 students enrolled in dual credit courses between 2012 and 2016, with 20 variables to examine.  Statistical significance in the correlation to matriculation was reviewed and three variables were highlighted: underrepresented minority, credit hour attainment, and the student’s home high school.  The identified variables related to dual credit matriculation provide specific areas for future recruitment efforts assisting with increasing matriculation rates. 
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  • college credit,
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  • Matriculate,
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Publication Date
Summer June 7, 2018
Doctor of Education, P-20 & Community Leadership
Field of study
Higher Education
Educational Studies, Leadership, and Counseling
Dr. Randall Wilson
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Lorry Beth Wilson. "MatriculationThroughDualCreditJune.docx" (2018)
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