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Bibliotheca: A Paradigm for Translating Student Preferences into the Design of a Library
IDEC 2014 Annual Conference Proceedings
  • Nicole K. Peterson, Iowa State University
  • Lori Brunner Stone, Iowa State University
  • Lee W. Cagley, Iowa State University
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Conference Proceeding
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IDEC 2014 Annual Conference
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March 6–8, 2014
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The university library continues to evolve in response to student behaviors, perceived desires, and technological advancements. The interior qualities of the library can contribute to academic success and provide students with an unparalleled study environment that supports peer collaboration and scholastic achievement (Gardner and Eng, 2005). How can a student’s perception of an ideal study environment be integrated into the design of a library to foster an environment of learning? Using results from a case study to develop a model project, this research examines the design of a student group study space within a library.
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Interior Design Educators Council
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Nicole K. Peterson, Lori Brunner Stone and Lee W. Cagley. "Bibliotheca: A Paradigm for Translating Student Preferences into the Design of a Library" New Orleans, LA, United StatesIDEC 2014 Annual Conference Proceedings (2014) p. 361 - 365
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