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Patron-Driven Acquisition Optimization at Liberty University
Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Erin Crane, Liberty University
  • Lori Snyder, Liberty University
Publication Date
Document Type
Conference Presentation

Presented at Computers in Libraries 2013 in Washington, D.C.

In 2010 Liberty University began a Patron-Driven Acquisition pilot program with ebrary. Since then, the program has grown dramatically. The presenters describe how the library uses past usage data to create a predictive formula for ebook use. New ebook titles were added to the program based on formula selections. Success of the formula was evaluated, and overall the results are positive. The presenters also explain how the library handles the purchasing and cataloging of the ebooks.
Citation Information
Erin Crane and Lori Snyder. "Patron-Driven Acquisition Optimization at Liberty University" (2013)
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