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Lori Bindig's Critical Analysis of Gossip Girl
The Spectrum (Sacred Heart University) (2015)
  • Morgan Debelle Duplan, Staff Reporter
    Bindig explains, “A lot of times people think it’s silly to study television shows.  They say that they’re just entertainment.  But people spend more time with media than they do with anything else except working and sleeping. Because we’re so immersed in media culture it’s imperative that we understand the motivations of the people who create the media we watch, the underlying values that the media promote (that we often take for granted), and the impact media make on our lives.”  
Publication Date
April 23, 2015
Citation Information
Duplan, M.B. (2015, Apr. 23). Lori Bindig's Critical Analysis of Gossip Girl. The Spectrum. Available at: