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About Lora Humphrey Beebe PhD, PMHNP-BC

Dr. Beebe has over 20 years’ experience in the care of persons with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders (SSDs). Clinical experiences include group, individual, family, inpatient & outpatient venues in both rural & urban settings. She has supervised graduate, undergraduate & doctoral students in research & clinical work. She has researched health promotion in community-dwelling persons with SSDs for 10 years. Five prior studies with this population helped her gain proficiency in recruiting subjects, completing & disseminating research. Dr. Beebe is the author of 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers on health promotion and disease management in SSDs. Funding from her previous studies has come from NIMH, the University of Florida and the University of Tennessee. Dr. Beebe adapted the WALC-S motivational intervention for schizophrenia and pilot tested it in an NIMH funded randomized clinical trial completed in December 2009.


Present Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Curriculum Vitae

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Honors and Awards

  • 2009 - State Advanced Leadership Award, APNA, Tennessee Chapter
  • 2007- National Excellence in Research Award, American Psychiatric Nurses’ Association (APNA)

Contact Information

The University of Tennessee,
College of Nursing,
1200 Blvd., Room 341,
Knoxville, TN - 37996 - 4180.
Phone: (865) 974-3978
Fax: (865) 974-3569


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