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Education reform and the quest for excellence : the Hong Kong story
Staff Publications
  • Lok Sang HO, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Paul MORRIS, Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • Yue Ping CHUNG, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Document Type
Edited book
Publication Date
Hong Kong University Press
This book investigates and analyses critical issues in education reform and discusses possible pitfalls in the current global drive to promote excellence. Instead of documenting the successes and frustrations encountered by education reformers in specific jurisdictions, this book aims to offer directions for education reformers, and sets out to be prescriptive rather than descriptive. While the cases covered here are focused on Hong Kong, they are no less useful in throwing light upon the direction of education reform all over the world.
Citation Information
Ho, L. S., Morris, P., & Chung, Y.-p. (Eds.) (2005). Education reform and the quest for excellence: The Hong Kong story. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.