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Hong Kong Happiness Index Survey 2014
Hong Kong Happiness Index 香港快樂指數調查
  • Lok Sang HO, Centre for Public Policy Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
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According to the results of the Hong Kong Happiness Index Survey conducted by Lingnan University’s Centre for Public Policy Studies, the Happiness Index for Hong Kong people in 2014 stands at 70.5 (on a scale of 0 to 100), which is the same as last year. The survey outcome is an unexpected one taking into account the current social and political controversies in Hong Kong. Respondents' degree of satisfaction with quality of public policy rose to 4.34 (on a scale of 0 to 10) from last year’s 4.14. Satisfaction with living environment rose to 5.95 from last year’s 5.75, while that with public healthcare increased to 6.49 from last year’s 6.15. In contrast, their degree of satisfaction with the media fell to 4.76 from last year’s 5.10. As for respondents categorised by household income, the Happiness Index of people with a monthly household income between $10,000 and $20,000 experienced a significant drop of 6.6% from last year to 63.7. This is not only the lowest happiness level among all household income categories but also the lowest level recorded since 2008. Surprisingly, the Happiness Index of people from lower household income categories went up on the contrary. This suggests that pressures faced by middle to low income families continued to grow in recent years. The Happiness Index of retired persons surged significantly to 7.62 from last year’s 7.17. 由嶺南大學公共政策研究中心進行的「香港快樂指數調查」結果顯示,香港人於2014年的快樂指數為70.5(以0-100分計算),與去年相同。觀乎香港目前社會及政治上的矛盾,結果使人感到意外。 受訪者對公共政策質素的滿意度,由去年的4.14(以0-10分計算),上升至今年的4.34;對香港生活環境的滿意度,由去年的5.75上升至今年的5.95;對公共醫療的滿意度,則由去年的6.15上升至今年的6.49。相反,受訪者對媒體的評價,由5.10跌至4.76。 以家庭收入作分類的受訪者當中,家庭月入介乎一萬至二萬元之間的人士的快樂指數,比去年明顯下跌6.6%至63.7,這不但是各收入分類的家庭中最低,亦是2008年以來最低。出人意表的是,收入更低的家庭的快樂指數反而上升。這反映中下收入家庭近年所面對的壓力不斷上升。退休人士快樂指數升幅明顯,由去年的7.17升至今年的7.62。
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