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青年研究學報 = Journal of Youth Studies
  • Lok Sang HO, Lingnan College, Hong Kong
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What Hong Kong's youth can learn from the Asian financial crisis
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Journal article
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香港的年青人多年來習慣了繁榮和安定的社會,對危機的警覺性愈來愈低。亞洲金融風暴使他們如夢初醒。一份穩定的工作和連年上升的工資並非必然。一個誓不低頭的意志、一顆自知不足的虛心,以及「留得青山在,哪怕無柴燒」的本能,就是真正的求勝之道。金融風暴下泰國和韓國人民的鬥志;改革開放下積極求變的中國能發揮果敢和謹慎的精神,在金融風暴下損失輕微,都使我們眼界大開。金融風暴告訴我們:變幻的世情可以奪走世間的財富,只有內心的寶藏一旦發現是誰也不能奪去的 。

The youth of Hong Kong have become used to prosperity and stability over the years. The Asian Financial Crisis came as a shock. For the first time in many years, youth realise that a secure job and an ever rising income are not facts to be taken for granted. The ability to survive and to prosper must be grounded in a strong will, a humble mind, and a survival instinct. People from Thailand and Korea have demonstrated a strong will to fight and overcome all odds. The humble mind to learn, is exemplified well by the Chinese. We must not stake everything on contingent developments.

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何濼生 (1999)。亞洲金融風暴對香港青年發展的啟示 = What Hong Kong's youth can learn from the Asian financial crisis。《青年研究學報 = Journal of Youth Studies》,2(2),99-102。