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Health care delivery and financing : a model for reform
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  • Lok Sang HO, Lingnan College, Hong Kong
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City University of Hong Kong Press

Hong Kong is ageing fast and the pressure to improve health care is mounting.This book looks at the key issue of how to raise the resources needed to meet the expectations of the public and the increasing demands due to the phenomena of aging and population expansion.The main questions to answer are:

1. How should the additional, needed funds be raised?

2. How should the burden be divided?

3. How should the incentive of caregivers to work efficiently in the interest of patients be preserved?

4. How should the incentive of citizens to adopt a more healthy lifestyle be preserved?

5. How much should be devoted to improving Hong Kong's health care infrastructure, to improving existing services, and to illness prevention?

6. What should the roles of private sector health service providers and insurers be?

Citation Information
Ho, L. S. (1997). Health care delivery and financing: A model for reform. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press.