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The logistics industry in Hong Kong
Hong Kong in focus : political and economic issues
  • Jan Piaw, Thomas VOON
  • Lok Sang HO
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Book chapter
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Nova Science Publishers

The logistics industry in Hong Kong comprises air transportation, sea transportation, traditional freight forwarding, as well as the emerging 3PL industry. We first provide overviews of the air and the sea transportation industries. These industries perform the major logistics functions that have transformed Hong Kong into a transportation hub for Asia. The 3PL industry, which is the sub-set of the entire logistics industry, is relatively under-developed in Hong Kong. It will thus be our major area of investigation.

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Copyright © 2002 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc

Additional Information
ISBN of the source publication: 1590332377 This chapter is excerpted from "Economic Impacts of Logistics Infrastructure Development: The Case of Hong Kong", edited by Thomas Jan Voon and Ho Lok Sang (ISBN: 1560728930).
Citation Information
Voon, T. J., & Ho, L. S. (2002). The logistics industry in Hong Kong. In S. G. Rioni (Ed.), Hong Kong in focus: Political and economic issues (pp. 129-138). New York: Nova Science Publishers.