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Taking the first step to develop scalable, asynchronous library instruction
The Innovative Library Classroom (2016)
  • Liz Thompson, James Madison University
  • Bethany Mickel, James Madison University
  • Howard S Carrier, James Madison University
Scalable equals asynchronous. And asynchronous equals boring. Or does it? The First Year Writing program at JMU offers more than 60 sections of the foundational first‐year writing course each semester to more than one thousand students and is supported by one librarian. In an effort to reach more than the usual 20 one‐shot sessions each semester, a small team from the library planned and built an asynchronous, modular tutorial series. Now, information literacy instruction is provided using a tool called Guide on the Side (GotS) and uses short scenario videos and additional content followed by activities and assessment to improve student outcomes and engagement. In this foundational program, the new and engaging asynchronous materials are the first step of a library instruction model that aims to reach as many students as possible while still being sustained by one librarian.
  • scalable,
  • asynchronous,
  • library instruction,
  • tutorial,
  • motivational design,
  • ARCS model,
  • first year writing
Publication Date
Summer May 12, 2016
Radford University
Citation Information
Liz Thompson, Bethany Mickel and Howard S Carrier. "Taking the first step to develop scalable, asynchronous library instruction" The Innovative Library Classroom (2016)
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