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heteronyms (Spiritual America)
Propagate: Art Pedagogies Retreat Teach-In (2017)
  • Liz Linden

Propagate: Art Pedagogies Retreat Teach-In
Conventional art pedagogies have long been subject to critical intervention by artists and academics seeking to question the canon and broaden the focus of art's histories and practices. Propagate will convene a small working group of artists, critics and scholars to take up questions of critical pedagogy both inside and outside the university to exchange ideas, tactics, and insights about teaching art practice and theory today. 

Workshop Presentation

Publication Date
August 14, 2017
University of California, Santa Cruz
heteronyms (Spiritual America)takes the dual meanings of the word “appropriate” and represents them side by side, as knock-out texts presented on top of an image of a gelded horse’s groin. This image that serves as the carrier for the heteronyms was made from a scan of a reproduction of iconic photographer Alfred Stieglitz’s 1923 work titled Spiritual America. This gesture of reproducing and appropriating work by Stieglitz is itself a gesture copied from appropriation artist Sherrie Levine who famously rephotographed and presented as her own famous images by Alfred Stieglitz from reproductions of his works.
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Liz Linden. "heteronyms (Spiritual America)" Propagate: Art Pedagogies Retreat Teach-In (2017)
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