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Lunds konsthall Presentation
  • Nanna Debois Buhl
  • Liz Linden
Dates: 27 November 2010 – 16 January 2011 
Location: Lunds konsthall, Sweden

Lunds konsthall Presentation is an exhibition of 15 younger artists. They come from different countries and cultural backgrounds and they work with different topics, means of expression and techniques. What unites them is that they have all graduated recently, between 2006 and 2010, from the two art academies in our region: the Malmö Art Academy, which is part of Lund University, and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

With assistance from Cosmin Costinaş, curator at BAK in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Lunds konsthall has selected the participants and staged the exhibition in close dialogue with them. The fifteen artists have all been offered the possibility to carry out new productions, but the exhibition also features previously existing works. The idea is that Lunds konsthall, as one of the most active art institutions in southern Sweden and as the municipal art gallery of an important university city, shall encourage new development and thinking in art.

Artists: Patrik Aarnivaara, Fredrik Auster, Elin Behrens, Ana Bezelga, Carl Boutard, Nanna Debois Buhl, Karolina Erlingsson, Tamar Guimarães, Hertha Hanson, Marie Kølbæk Iversen, José Luis Martinat, Viktor Rosdahl, Hans Scherer, Hanna Sjöstrand, Vladimir Tomić
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Nanna Debois Buhl and Liz Linden. "Lunds konsthall Presentation" (2010)
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