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Visions and Voices
  • Jen Kennedy
  • Liz Linden
Visions and Voices is a university-wide arts and humanities initiative that is unparalleled in higher education. Established in fall 2006 by President C. L. Max Nikias during his tenure as provost, the initiative was created to engage USC students in the arts and humanities. Highlighting the university’s commitment to interdisciplinary approaches, the initiative features a spectacular array of events conceived and organized by faculty and schools throughout the university. Each program is designed specifically to challenge students to expand their perspectives and become world-class citizens. Every Visions and Voices event includes an interactive or reflective component, providing students with a stimulating experience and an opportunity to explore USC’s core values, including freedom of inquiry, respect for diversity, commitment to service, entrepreneurial spirit, informed risk taking, ethical conduct and the search for truth. This approach to the arts and humanities can make every future scientist a better scientist, every future lawyer a better lawyer, every future business professional a better business professional and every future artist a better artist, contributing to a better society as a whole.

The New York Times Feminist Reading Group
With Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden
Monday, October 22 through Thursday, October 25, 4 to 5:30 p.m.
Forum Room, Ronald Tutor Campus Center, 4th Floor

Since this project was first performed at Dispatch Bureau in New
York in 2009, The New York Times Feminist Reading Group has met
periodically to discuss current events and feminist issues raised by that day’s issue of the New York Times. Participants are welcome regardless of whether they have read, skimmed or even just glanced at that day’s paper. The discussion begins informally with news items or questions raised by participants, and ranges widely from investigations of specific articles or images, to editorial choices and ad placements, to the larger questions of the business of newspapers and contemporary media in general. The New York Times Feminist Reading Group is organized and facilitated by writer Jen Kennedy and artist Liz Linden, who have been collaborating on projects that investigate contemporary usages of the word feminism since 2008. Their projects include town-hall meetings, feminist book swaps, video and sound works and pilot press, their DIY feminist publishing house.
Publication Date
October 22, 2012
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Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden. "Visions and Voices" (2012)
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