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2011 Workspace Artists-in-Residence
  • Liz Linden
Workspace Artists in Residence 2011 is when the Center for Book Arts invites four emerging artists to work int he studio. The artists took classes and learned bookmaking techniques and incorporated them into their own artistic practices.  

 Liz Linden’s work points to the contradictory messages transmitted by the form and the content of the objects that make up our immediate environment, often referring to literary theory and semiotics. She frequently uses appropriation in her work because it is an inherently feminist political operation, enabling her to question the power relationships at work in a given object by acting directly upon that object itself. Her work is often succinct, using humor or irony to momentarily make simple what are, ultimately, the overwhelming questions raised by the neoliberal landscape. 
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Liz Linden. "2011 Workspace Artists-in-Residence" (2012)
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