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About Elizabeth Ann Feeney

Elizabeth Ann Feeney completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Villanova University in 1986 and her Master of Science in Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. While studying at Villanova she discovered a keen interest in the sociology of human consciousness and the ways in which individual human consciousness can be examined through the lens of collective consciousness.

In her graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania, Ms. Feeney began to explore the connection between consciousness and psycho-social factors and processes, and the impact these have on an individual’s intellectual growth and learning. As a natural extension of this area of study, she became interested in the field of human potential, and thus began a path of her own personal transformation.

A natural healer by birth, and possessing a strong desire to help humans and other living beings live at their full potential, Ms. Feeney discovered remote energy healing in 2000. In May 2010 Ms. Feeney found Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and the Trivedi Effect®. Ms. Feeney joined the Trivedi organization and soon thereafter became part of the Trivedi Healers Mastery program.

Elizabeth Ann Feeney is a Trivedi biofield energy healer who has the ability to harness and transmit the Life Force energy to anywhere around the globe using the phenomena of the Trivedi Effect®. Ms. Feeney has publications in peer-reviewed science journals, which provide scientific validation and authentication of the impact of her work with the Trivedi Effect®.


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