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“Used-Book Sales” Report : Key factors determining the publisher’s success (2014)
  • Lissa Coffey, University of South Florida

In March, 2006, the Book Industry Study Group published the first study of the used book market. Somewhat miraculously, BISG got data from the major players in the used book marketplace. Because the study is so detailed and broad, The Idea Logical Company prepared a precis of the high points. That summary follows; it is, of course, much more useful reading if you have the study in hand, which is available from The material below refers to tables which are contained in the original report. report on “Used-Book Sales” contains a huge amount of information. How helpful it will all be depends somewhat on whether the data gathering and mining efforts continue. The data used in the survey was from 2003 and 2004 and it already feels like some of it might have been overtaken by events. - courtesy:( zapper )

  • Books Market,
  • market segmentation data,
  • market growth Analysis,
  • zapper Used Book Study
Publication Date
Winter October 31, 2014
Citation Information
Lissa Coffey. "“Used-Book Sales” Report : Key factors determining the publisher’s success" (2014)
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