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Li Body to Body Massage in Delhi
  • Sumit Singh
Relaxing Body Massage Service in Delhi. Alleviate Stress, Increase Productivity & Wellbeing. Book Online. Open 7 Days A Week. Types: Therapeutic Massage, Swedish Massage.

Why massage is important?

It's because very hard things happen to our bodies in everyday life. We sit for hours in an extended, stretched posture. We weaken our joints, muscles, and when we move, we put tension in our movement. Sometimes it is almost impossible to relieve the tension by just moving. When we exercise with weak, tense, tired muscles, we often suffer minor muscle and cartilage injuries that we do not even know about. The connective tissues harden to protect them from injury. It is much more effective to move when already relaxed and relaxed. A lot of pain and exhaustion can be relaxed with massage.

Therapeutic massage, Swedish, refreshing massage

What is a healing massage?

Therapeutic massage is a Western massage therapy based on Swedish massage. The difference lies in the fact that therapeutic massage only treats the problem area. In my view, with a sore shoulder or waist it is not enough to focus on just one area.

The effect of massage is clear:

It soothes both body and soul. Relieves cramps and tension.

It stimulates blood circulation, relieves muscle aches and relaxes muscles. In addition, it stimulates the brain to release endorphin, which relieves pain without using drugs. This massage can be used for therapeutic purposes as a general body massage or as a partial massage on certain areas of the body. Are you often asked how often do I recommend a massage? Therapy can be used on a daily basis, and it is up to everyone to decide how often their organization needs it. My general recommendation is to have a partial massage on a weekly basis and a full body massage every 3 weeks.

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