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Anthology of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera : the Fong Yim Fun Volume = 香港粵劇選 : 芳艷芬卷
Staff Publications
  • Siu Leung LI, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Document Type
Edited book
Publication Date
Infolink Publishing Ltd

Cantonese opera is a flamboyant, stylized music theater. This anthology of English translation collects fiverepresentative plays from the repertoire of the "Queen of Diva" Madam Fong Yim Fun (Dr Katie Y. F. Yang),ranging from tragedy, tragic romance, comedy, melodrama, to historical play.The collective effort of a group of Hong Kongers who currently work in academia in Hong Kong and the United States, trained in ethnomusicology, history, comparative literature, and cultural studies, this book is intended to providefaithful and easy-to-read translations of Cantonese opera to general readers and college students in inter-cultural contexts facilitated bythe expediency of the medium of English.


Citation Information
Li, S. L. (Ed.) (2014). Anthology of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera: The Fong Yim Fun Volume = 香港粵劇選 : 芳艷芬卷. Hong Kong: Infolink Publishing Ltd.