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About Prof. LI Siu-leung

Currently Adjunct Professor in the Department of Cultural Studies, Lingnan University, Siu Leung LI was Professor and Dean of the School of Chinese Opera at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 2016 to 2017. Previously he was Associate Professor and Head of Lingnan’s Cultural Studies, Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Joukowsky Postdoctoral Fellow at Brown University. A University of Hong Kong graduate, Li received his PhD in comparative literature from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Published in the fields of gender and Chinese opera, Hong Kong cinema, and comparative literary studies, his books include Cross-Dressing in Chinese Opera (HKU Press, 2006, paperback), Fang Yanfen Wanshi liufang Zhang Yuqiao – Yuan juben ji dudu [Fong Yim-fun’s Zhang Yuqiao: Heroine Across the Ages – Original Script and Reader] (editor, Joint Publishing Press, 2011), Anthology of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera: The Fong Yim Fun Volume (editor and co-translator, Infolink Publishing, 2014), Hong Kong Connections: Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema (co-editor, HKU Press, 2005),  Fouxiang Xianggang: lishi, wenhua, weilai [Hong Kong un-imagined: history, culture, future] (co-author, Taipei Rye Field, 1997). Recently he contributed “Cantonese Opera as Folk Culture: Playtexts of the Taiping Theater Troupe” to  Theater Houses, the Red Boat, Movies: A Study of the Yuen Family's Collection of Taiping Theater Artifacts (ed. Sai-shing Yung; Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2015); “The Theme of Salvation in Chinese and Japanese War Movies,” to Chinese and Japanese Films on the Second World War  (eds., King Fai Tam et al, Routledge, 2015); “The Bruce Lee Cultural Imprint” to  Bruce Lee: Kung Fu · Art · Life (Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2013).

Collaborating with Meaghan Morris (U of Sydney) and Stephen Ching-kiu Chan (Lingnan U), Li is coauthoring a book manuscript tentatively entitled “Doubting Kung Fu? – Aesthetics and Politics in Hong Kong Martial Arts Cinema. ” Currently Li also working on a research project on the compilation of Annals of Chinese Opera: The Hong Kong Volume and Anthology of Chinese Opera Music: The Hong Kong Volume, part of a PRC national project funded by the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office of the Hong Kong SAR Government and supported by a research team at Lingnan University.

Serving on the Cantonese Opera Advisory Committee, the Cantonese Opera Development Fund Advisory Committee, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Advisory Board (Home Affairs Bureau, HKSAR); the Art Form Panel on Chinese Traditional Performing Arts, the Ko Shan Theatre Cantonese Opera Education and Information Centre Planning and Commissioning Work Group, and as museum expert adviser for the Hong Kong Heritage Museum (Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HKSAR), Li was awarded a Certificate of Commendation in 2013 by the Home Affairs Bureau of the HKSAR for outstanding contributions to the development of arts and culture, and was granted the “Award for Special Contributions to Kunqu Opera” in 2011 by the Center for Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Beijing municipal government.

Once worked with the Hong Kong Arts Festival as Publication and China Programme Manager and trained in flute performance in his early years, Li played with the Hong Kong Youth Symphony Orchestra and recorded with the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra (The Yellow River Cantata [Philips416621-1]). Li’s knowledge of and expertise on the performing arts and performance studies are academic. Incidentally his practical knowledge and firsthand experience in performance were acquired via his practice as a flute performer. After his retirement from performance he collects late nineteenth century French flutes and other vintage flutes as a hobby. Li did not venture into European classical music in his career but ended up a comparative-literature-turned-cultural-studies academic specializing in Chinese opera, cinema, and performance studies.



Present Adjunct Professor, Lingnan University Department of Cultural Studies

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