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About Lisa M. Zurk

Dr. Zurk joined Portland State University (PSU) in January 2005 after ten years at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where she was an Associate Group Leader of a sensor technology group. Upon joining PSU, she founded (and currently directs) the Northwest Electromagnetic and Acoustics Research Laboratory (NEAR-Lab), which has attracted over $2.5 million in funding. Dr. Zurk’s research is in physics-based sensing, with application to problems such as underwater habitat monitoring using acoustics, terahertz detection of explosives or bio-agents, and remote sensing of the earth’s surface. In 2010 she was selected as the Maseeh Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at PSU.


January 2005 Present Professor, Portland State University Electrical & Computer Engineering
May 2015August 2016 Associate Vice President for Research, Portland State University Research and Strategic Partnerships


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