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Embodying Desire: Piercing and the Fashioning of “’Neo-butch/femme’ Identities
Butch/Femme: Inside Lesbian Gender (1998)
  • Lisa Walker, University of Southern Maine

Despite its evident significance in lesbian communities, the designations of butch and femme have rarely been theorized or written about from a critical perspective. For many lesbians, butch and femme are expressive lived identities, yet prevalent intellectual trends encourage us in the view that these are somehow provisional, empty, and artificial. This book is an attempt to think creatively about hutch/femme in a way which honors the intimacy of these identities, hoping to articulate the closeness we hold to these evocative categories, respecting the power they hold in lesbian cultures, but also avoiding the cliched romanticization often endemic to their representation.

  • Lesbians - Identity,
  • Lesbians - Social conditions,
  • Butch and Femme
Publication Date
Sally R. Munt, Cherry Smyth
Citation Information
Lisa Walker. "Embodying Desire: Piercing and the Fashioning of “’Neo-butch/femme’ Identities" WashingtonButch/Femme: Inside Lesbian Gender (1998)
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