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Feminism and Abortion Politics: Choice, Rights, and Reproductive Freedom
Women's Studies International Forum (2002)
  • Lisa Smyth, Queen's University Belfast

This paper examines the problems associated with feminist articulations of rights claims and other alternatives for advocating reproductive freedom. Criticisms of private choice advocacy in particular, and rights advocacy in general, are considered, along with proposals either to abandon rights claims in favour of care theory on the one hand, or advocate gendered citizenship on the other. Drawing on the work of Nancy Fraser and Drucilla Cornell, the author argues that the category of the rights-bearing citizen should not be thought to be necessarily masculinized, in virtue of the assumption of ‘indivisibility’, and that making rights claims does not necessarily entail reproducing a gendered public/private dichotomy. Thus, this paper contends that rights theory offers a worthwhile platform for feminist advocacy of reproductive freedom.

  • abortion,
  • rights,
  • reproductive freedom,
  • choice,
  • feminism,
  • Cornell,
  • Fraser
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Lisa Smyth. "Feminism and Abortion Politics: Choice, Rights, and Reproductive Freedom" Women's Studies International Forum Vol. 25 Iss. 3 (2002)
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