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The Cultural Politics of Sexuality and Reproduction in Northern Ireland
Sociology (2006)
  • Lisa Smyth, Queen's University Belfast

This paper is concerned with the ways in which moral conservatives frame their opposition to liberal sexual and reproductive service provision in a divided society, namely Northern Ireland. The analysis focuses on the assertion of a common ‘Northern Irish’ position as a key strategy in opposing both abortion access and impartial and confidential sexual health service provision for young people at activist and official political levels. The relative success of the conservative lobby’s cultural strategy, despite the otherwise divided social context, raises important questions about the role of gender and age in the politics of recognition.

  • Abortion,
  • citizenship,
  • culture,
  • identity,
  • Northern Ireland,
  • sexual health,
  • reproduction.
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Lisa Smyth. "The Cultural Politics of Sexuality and Reproduction in Northern Ireland" Sociology Vol. 40 Iss. 4 (2006)
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