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About Lisa R Pruitt

The focus of Professor Pruitt’s scholarship is the intersection of law with rural livelihoods. Her work considers a range of ways in which rural places and populations are distinct from what has become the implicit urban norm in lawmaking and legal scholarship. Pruitt reveals how the spatial, economic, and social features of rural locales profoundly shape the lives of residents there, including the junctures at which they encounter the law.
Some of Pruitt’s most recent work considers how rural spatiality inflects dimensions of gender, race, and ethnicity. In it, Pruitt challenges the association of the rural with the local by revealing the ways in which rural lives and rural places are enmeshed with national and global forces, including legal ones. Other recent papers explore social problems in rural contexts in an effort to determine what characteristics of rural societies influence not only the occurrence of crimes such as domestic violence and drug offenses, but also their handling by the criminal justice system. In these, Pruitt explores the possibilities presented by rural-specific policies and services.


Present Faculty Member, University of California, Davis



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