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Orientalism in Colonial Postcard Art
Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • Lisa Phillips, Minnesota State University, Mankato
CSU 202
Start Date
9-4-2012 4:00 PM
End Date
9-4-2012 5:00 PM
Student's College
Arts and Humanities
Mentor's Name
Alisa Eimen
Mentor's College
Arts and Humanities
This paper will cover the use of orientalism and exoticism in the postcard art of the late 1800's and early 1900's. It briefly covers the etiology of orientalism due to the rise of tourism following the colonialization of the East by the European powers. I will do this by using examples of postcards and address specific issues related to this subject. Some of these issues are racism and other predudices and cultural misconceptions. Also I will touch upon the use of double standards which become clearer when studying the art of the aforementioned postcards.
Citation Information
Lisa Phillips. "Orientalism in Colonial Postcard Art" (2012)
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