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Characteristics of Conjugative R-Plasmids from Pathogenic Avian Escherichia coli
Avian Diseases (1992)
  • Richard E. Wooley, University of Georgia
  • Kathy R. Spears, University of Georgia
  • Lisa K. Nolan, University of Georgia
  • John Brown, University of Georgia
  • Mark A. Dekich
Three of four virulent avian Escherichia coli isolates transferred a single large molecular-weight R-plasmid to two recipient E. coli strains. Antibiotic resistances transferred included streptomycin (two isolates) and streptomycin-tetracycline-sulfa (one isolate). Production of colicin and siderophores, complement resistance, and embryo lethality present in the virulent isolates were not transferred to recipient organisms. From the results, it appears that the R-plasmids of these virulent avian E. coli are not associated with virulence.
Publication Date
June, 1992
Publisher Statement
Copyright 1992 American Association of Avian Pathologists. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
Richard E. Wooley, Kathy R. Spears, Lisa K. Nolan, John Brown, et al.. "Characteristics of Conjugative R-Plasmids from Pathogenic Avian Escherichia coli" Avian Diseases Vol. 36 Iss. 2 (1992)
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