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Large Plasmids of Avian Escherichia coli Isolates
Avian Diseases (1996)
  • Dawn M. Doetkott, North Dakota State University
  • Lisa K. Nolan, North Dakota State University
  • Catherine W. Giddings, North Dakota State University
  • David L. Berryhill, North Dakota State University
The plasmid DNA of 30 Escherichia coli isolates from chickens was extracted and examined using techniques designed to isolate large plasmids. This plasmid DNA was examined for the presence of certain known virulence-related genes including cvaC, tra7 and some aerobactin-related sequences. Seventeen of the 30 isolates contained from one to four plasmids greater than 50 kb in size. Eleven of these 17 strains possessed plasmids greater than 100 kb in size. Therefore, E. coli isolates of chickens frequently contain large plasmids, and many of these plasmids are likely to contain virulence related sequences.
  • avian Escherichia coli,
  • analysis of plasmids,
  • avian colibacillosis
Publication Date
December, 1996
Publisher Statement
Copyright 1996 American Association of Avian Pathologists. Posted with permission.
Citation Information
Dawn M. Doetkott, Lisa K. Nolan, Catherine W. Giddings and David L. Berryhill. "Large Plasmids of Avian Escherichia coli Isolates" Avian Diseases Vol. 40 Iss. 4 (1996)
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