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Encyclopedia of Human Resources: Challenges to e-HRM
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  • T. Torres
  • M. Arrias
  • Sherry Sullivan
  • Lisa A. Mainiero, Fairfield University

Editors: Torres, T. and Mario Arrias

Contributing Authors: Sherry E. Sullivan and Lisa A. Mainiero

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Book Contribution
Lisa Mainiero is a contibuting author, "Kaleidoscope Careers and Evolving HRM Issues", p. 1-8. Book description: Driven by significant internal and external forces, human resource management (HRM) has evolved from largely a maintenance function, to what many scholars and practitioners regard as a source of sustainable competitive advantage for organizations. In the information era, it is important for organizations to progressively incorporate technology into their processes. The Encyclopedia of Human Resources Information Systems: Challenges in e-HRM rigorously analyzes key critical HR variables and defines previously undiscovered issues in the HR field. With 132 articles from 180 of the world's leading experts on the state of HRM technology, this comprehensive reference source is essential to academic libraries and to practitioners and academics seeking to understand all dimensions related to managing people in the information society. - Publisher description
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Sherry E. Sullivan and Mainiero, L.A. 2009. Kaleidoscope Careers and Evolving HRM Issues. In Torres, T. and Mario Arrias (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Human Resources: Challenges to e-HRM, Section: Building Human Capital: Training and Development, IGI Global, 1 – 8.

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T. Torres, M. Arrias, Sherry Sullivan and Lisa A. Mainiero. "Encyclopedia of Human Resources: Challenges to e-HRM" (2009)
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